Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Is Marriage Counseling A Good Thing?

A happy, healthy marriage is the ideal for anyone entering into a marriage. Unfortunately, most of us are not born being able to deal with the stress, confusion and pain that can occur in a relationship when one or both partners have a hard time communicating with each other. Many couples with problems are seeking others who can help them. Marriage counseling is a widely available service that allows husbands and wives stop and think about what they want and need. A counselor or therapist can give them ideas for how these things can be done. Over time, a couple can learn how to strengthen and grow their relationship by attending regular marriage counseling sessions.

Some couples who are having problems at home might say, "Marriage counseling? No thanks!  We can take care of things on our own." Sometimes, though, things can get really bad for both partners. When people feel bad it makes it hard for them to concentrate on doing their best in the relationship. If this goes on for a long time I can be difficult to remember how things got started and how they could be so terribly wrong.

For people who have reservations about seeking help, here are some things to keeping mind:

  • There isn't just one kind of marriage counselor. There are many faith-based and non-denominational counselors as well as community based groups that support couples that need help.
  • People aren't born with the skills they need to have a great marriage! Skills are developed as you live your life and practice them. The skills you need to succeed at marriage are something you can learn from someone who is an expert. Marriage counseling can help you learn the best way to practice being good at being part of a couple.
  • Every marriage is different, but if one or both partners aren't getting what they need there is a higher chance for abuse or divorce. Abusive behavior can be deadly, and long-term unhappiness often causes a person not to want to stay married any more. Many couples when they first start out think it could never happen to them. Unfortunately, it can happen and does more often than most people think.
  • You aren't "crazy" or a "bad person" if you go to a marriage counselor. There is a stigma surrounding counseling and other "mental health" practices that you must be weak or sincerely mentally ill in order to need the services of a counselor. That is a myth. Lots of normal people use marriage counseling as a tool to make their lives better. It is an opportunity to work with someone who has devoted their life to the study of how relationships work and why. The intention of all counselors is to help people find out what is right for them, and that's good for marriages. 
  • Marriage counseling can and will make every aspect of your life more enjoyable.

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